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Blessing has the effortless ability to assemble the past present and future into one period of time, one moment after the other, not only when creating a harmoniously musical staccato stream of conscious of sound but by his own urban visual aesthetic as well. His passion for music coincides with his work and compilations from the genesis of Dial Records, Laid Records, Smallville Records, Curle, Dérive, BPitch Control, even Story and together with artists such as Ellen Allien and Pantha Du Prince, they have all left a uniquely inspirational and lasting impression on all of his enterprises.

And although Blessing is not taken hostage to any one style of music, as a DJ however, words like deep, modern, soulful and honest come to mind. Geographical references like Detroit, Chicago, Berlin and Hamburg are adjectives that equally thought of when describing his musical selection as is evident by the who’s who of club’s he has performed. Clubs like; Club der Visionäre, Berghain Kantine or Robert Johnson. PAL and since 2010 as resident Dj at Golden Pudel Club where he regularly curates a Dj event night, comprised and inspired by the clubs and Dj friendships he’s established with said venues, called “Maison Blessing Presents”, have all played a massive role in his artistic development.

As a designer he manages to visualize profiling sounds into deeply devoted artwork. His work as Maison Blessing - a creative design / contemporary art project, seeks the transition between music and image - showcasing the multifaceted fields of expression, may it be sound, or illustrated through visual or physical representation. The ability to manifest and combine urban cultural identity sets him apart from the vast mediocre majority of artists as seen in his designs for brands, labels, corporate as well as visual identity as manifested for example in PAL Club’s visual design, to name a few.

Blessing has the gift to sculpture the unspoken into sound and vision while being critically adept at reconstructing thoughts and feelings into concrete contemplation. A club is one of the few places where you can leave the unspoken to be the only truth. Everything else will be settled by music, transferred through sound waves. And if the music in that situation is in the hands of a DJ like Blessing, you can be sure that you will leave the night nurtured and bespoken. Singled out by fate, quoted out of context. Blessed.

Matthew Rosen, Beverly Hills. 2017

Photography by Imke Jansen